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Adam's Human Rights Library

Providing Resources and Lectures on Human Rights, Women's Rights and Children' Rights to Darfur Refugees

Adam is a Sudanese English teacher who now lives in Kounoungo Refugee Camp, home to over 10,000 Darfuris. Adam's story of how he was forced to flee his home and seek protection across the Chadian border has become disgracefully familiar; it is estimated that nearly three million have been displaced as a result of the conflict in Darfur, Sudan.

Adam has now lived in Kounoungo since 2004. As the only members of the Fur tribe in the camp, he and his family often face a level of discrimination from refugees of other ethnic groups. Yet despite such hardship in this supposed safe-haven, Adam is fiercely committed to providing the gift of education to all who surround him. Though their monthly food rations barely feed their hunger and though firewood and water are scarce, when asked about his greatest needs, Adam speaks of the tools to teach his own children - a blackboard, some chalk, a little paper and a few pencils.

A social entrepreneur and passionate educator, Adam is seeking to build a series of adult libraries. Most of the refugees in Kounoungo Camp are rural farmers, many of whom have never attended school and have little understanding of their rights as refugees. With no access to a meeting place of their own, the refugees gather daily in the outdoor markets. Seizing on this opportunity to engage his peers, Adam enlisted the help of literate shop keepers to read UN documents regarding refugee rights aloud while their customers sit and play cards. The result has been a growing dialogue as displaced families discover what it means to be a refugee. Adam believes that his fellow refugees are eager to know more and that all they need now is a structure that can serve as a place of learning.

Adam's next step involves constructing a library center in Kounoungo Camp. He envisions electric lights, satellite internet and television to draw members in to hear educational lectures on issues of refugee law, women's rights, children's rights and UN resolutions on Darfur. Adam also wants to address the "bad habits" of his culture impacting women, such as the practice of female circumcision and domestic abuse. He aims to use the library to promote conflict resolution, psychological healing and collaboration among the many Darfurian ethnic groups. He further sees the need for skills training. Adam's commitment to education is profound.

Global Grassroots is raising funds for the construction of Adam's Human Rights Library and is currently seeking partnership with an NGO registered in Chad and operating under UNHCR in Kounoungo Camp to complete this project.

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Adam's message to Barack Obama

Adam's message to Barack Obama

Adam's message to Barack Obama
"Don't forget the people of Darfur"

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