"...vibrant life forces exist in the midst of the worst suffering."

— Betty Rogers

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Global Grassroots' Academy for Conscious Change targets vulnerable women in Rwanda, including genocide survivors, widows, women with HIV/AIDS, physically disabled women, women living on $2 per day, undereducated women and survivors of sexual assault.

In 1994, over 800,000 Rwandan citizens were killed within a three-month period in one of the most concentrated acts of genocide in human history. Hundreds of thousands of Rwandan women and girls endured severe acts of sexual and gender-based violence. At the end of the genocide, the government estimated women made up nearly 70 percent of the population, left to assume the traditional roles of men in heading households and rebuilding lives. Today, the population is still recovering. Over 16 years later and after the return of nearly one million refugees, a third of households are still headed by women, 60 percent of whom have no income or support.

Global Grassroots is filling a unique niche by helping women help themselves. Through investment in capacity building, skills training and assistance with the launch of new civil society organizations, Global Grassroots is investing in a culture of conscious change that has the potential for changing systematically the way in which communities creatively and sustainably solve the social issues they face.

Learn more about the priority issues Global Grassroots' graduates are addressing through their self-designed ventures: water issues, sexual violence, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, illiteracy, rights, and other.

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