Those most deeply impacted by an issue often have the greatest insight with which to address it.

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Conscious Change Academy

Global Grassroots' Academy for Conscious Change begins by identifying among the most underserved groups of women those emerging change agents who have a personal commitment to transforming their communities. Our participants include widows, genocide survivors, women living with HIV/AIDS, survivors of sexual violence or domestic abuse, and individuals living on less than $2 per day. Though we target vulnerable women, we also welcome into our program men who are eager to combat the underlying issues affecting women and girls. On average, approximately 10 percent of our participants are men.

We try to identify change agents working on women's issues, but at the earliest stage of their idea development, so that the design and implementation of their work will be driven by a compassionate understanding of society's ills. Working with these "inner-driven and outer-focused" groups, Global Grassroots invites representatives of each team into our 12-18 month Conscious Change Academy. The Academy involves five primary elements:

  • Personal Transformation: Consciousness Leadership & Mind-Body Trauma Healing
  • Social Transformation: Social Venture Skills
  • Project Development
  • Seed Funding
  • High Engagement Support

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Catalyzing Change

Women as the Solution

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Women as the Solution
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