"When we are in the present moment, our work on Earth begins."

— Reshad Feild

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What We Do

Global Grassroots has four programs, all of which are designed to enable vulnerable women to initiate mindful social change in their communities:

  • Our core Academy for Conscious Change works with marginalized and impoverished women in post-conflict regions.

  • Our Young Women's Academy for Conscious Change is designed for young women during the break between high school graduation and university enrollment.

  • Our eAcademy is the online version of our Academy for Conscious Change for change agents outside of our current areas of operation.

    Why We Focus on Water

    Global Grassroots helps vulnerable women initiate social-purpose water enterprises to address issues facing women and girls. Most of the women we work with live in areas with no water access, where they or their daughters must walk an average of two hours each way to collect water from a valley creek or hand-dug well. The water source can be a cause of harm, contaminated by run-off from latrines, farms, and livestock. Not only are water-borne diseases an issue, but women face opportunistic violence at remote water sites, the duration of collecting water prohibits them from other economic pursuits, girls fall behind in school due to their duty to collect water, and those physically disabled or otherwise unable to access water may face sexual exploitation in exchange for water delivery by men. Through our Academy for Conscious Change, women are able to design, construct, and implement their own water enterprises, demonstrating their value to their community, generating resources for their family, using profits from the sale of water to serve the needs of other women and children, eliminating violence and exploitation, ensuring girls attend school on time, and realizing their leadership potential within their community.

Our Impact

Graduates: 625
Social Ventures Launched: 120

Living Stories

Supporting Survivors

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Supporting Survivors
by Gretchen Wallace

Produced by Global Grassroots and Global Grassroots Teams

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Global Grassroots believes that real human stories inform, empower, and inspire others to act in the name of equality and human rights.

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