"When you start doing this work, you do it with a pure heart, out of compassion."— Wangari Maathai, Nobel Laureate

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>HRD: Preventing discrimination against mothers of disabled children and improving specialized child care

>PEOPLE OF THE SAME COMPASSION: Eliminating child malnutrition by training parents to create kitchen gardens

>PEOPLE WITH THE SAME PURPOSE: Providing Access to Clean Water to Support Physically Disabled Women, Reduce Violence Against Women, and Reduce Disease


>BEHAVIORAL CHANGE - LOKO KWO PE YOT: Raising awareness about the causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS and encouraging condom use through drama and debate

>DEDICATED WORKERS - AKETO-KOMO: Changing cultural beliefs that limit women by providing sensitizations and training on women's rights

>THE HUMBLE WORKERS - LACAC PE LONY PALWO: Advancing women's property rights through public meetings, house visits, a PR campaign and a new emotional support center for victims of land-related conflict

>THE IMPLEMENTORS - LACAN ITE BIT KUKU-KUKU: Reducing domestic violence and alcoholism through drama, song, psychological support and home visits

>THE INITIATORS - CING MA YUBU: Addressing the causes and consequences of divorce and relationship conflict through drama and sensitizations among couples

>UNITY IS STRENGTH - WARIBO-CINGWA: Changing the uneven distribution of labor in the household, promoting family planning and empowering women using theatre and public debate

>WOMEN ARE PILLARS OF HOMES - MON AYE GANG: Improving women's literacy and helping single mothers return to school

>WOMEN FOR LEADERSHIP - PEKE-RWEDE PE: Emboldening Women and Girls to Run for Office

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