"Now I understand that there is still hope."

— Monique Nyinawimbaraga

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WORK FOR LIFE: Providing Clean Water to Fight Disease

As you can see, I am handicapped, and I pass a lot of my time at home... This project has been very, very helpful. I do not have a child to come and drawn water for me. I do not even have a grandchild that can help – she is still too small. In this way, the project is very helpful.

— Immaculee Mukankusi, 68 years old

LET US BUILD OURSELVES: Literacy and math training for vulnerable women

Before, I was not able to fully do my job in the market. I work for someone that sells clothing. Before I would only collect the shirts that we made and give them to the boss. With the training I have, I can now give a report of the number of shirts that were made by each person. So the training that I am getting helps me to manage the finances of my home, like my children's school fees. Also, I can now relate to my children and their lessons from school. Before I could not talk to them about their studies, but now I can.

— Zahara Muzirankoni, 39 year old widow

WISHING YOU TO STAY ALIVE: Using Theater and Film for HIV/AIDS Prevention

Before, I had the perception that when someone was infected, it was like the end of the world. Now, I understand that there is still hope. Also, I didn't know how to treat people living with HIV before, and after I realized that there is another way of treating people with HIV that can give them hope to live.

—Monique Nyinawimbaraga, 39 years old

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