We believe a multi-pronged approach offers an optimal and holistic approach to trauma healing and post-conflict reconstruction.

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Theory of Change

Our work is guided by our core values, which form our theory of change:

1) Deepening personal consciousness and contributing towards the common good are both essential to social change.

Making a unique contribution for the greater good can be deeply meaningful, even healing, especially from the trauma of war, genocide, and sexual violence. In turn, when an individual interested in creating social change works to deepen their self-awareness, they have a greater likelihood of making mindful decisions, unobstructed or distorted by personal agenda, ego, or abuse of power.

2) The world's most vulnerable women are those most invested in their community's well-being and in the greatest need of support to manifest their solutions.

Global Grassroots embraces the potential for every person to become an agent of change. Currently we work with underserved women in post-conflict Africa. We have learned that it is women who are most invested in serving their community's needs yet traditionally have had the least access to the support they need to do so. We believe these women, if guided by mindfulness practice, will drive optimal societal transformation.

3) The architecture necessary to support the advancement of Conscious Social Change is underdeveloped.

We realize there are certain systems, tools, and support structures that can help accelerate societal transformation. This includes exposure to mindfulness practices, training in social venture design and management, financial services, human resources, information networks, forums for ideas transfer, access to healing practitioners, access to technology, and other services. Global Grassroots is working to build the support structures necessary to drive Conscious Social Change.

4) Mind-body trauma healing plus the opportunity for women to create community-based organizations to advance social change is the most effective and holistic approach for individual and community healing post-conflict.

Endeavors that give a voice to the disempowered, allow her to identify her value to her community, and realize her capacity to change the aspects of community that failed her - provide a deeply powerful path for healing.

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