"That which you have been seeking, is already seeking you."

— Jessica Dibb

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For Consciousness Practitioners

We at Global Grassroots define Conscious Social Change as a process led by responsible and ethical change agents, who engage in their own practice towards deeper self-knowledge and personal transformation, while striving to advance positive change for the common good. When an individual chooses to serve as a change agent, the experience of making a unique contribution to a greater whole can be deeply meaningful, even healing, and can also accelerate a person's self-actualization. In turn, when an individual interested in creating social change chooses to deepen their self-awareness, they have a greater likelihood of making mindful and wise decisions, undistorted by personal agenda or abuse of power. These two components of inner and outer transformation are integral and essential for advancing a whole, just and compassionate society.

Global Grassroots embraces commitment to personal growth and self-awareness, which can help an individual access clarity and wisdom in decision-making as change agents. We know that there are many traditions that exist that support and deepen personal transformation. Following are just a few tools as examples of practices we offer in our Conscious Social Change curriculum that can assist individuals in deepening their personal practice. We invite practitioners to contact us with stories of how you are making a commitment to personal transformation, and how that commitment is supporting your social change work.

Global Grassroots' new Conscious Social Change (CSC) Certification Program provides an intensive and experience-based training in the methods, philosophy, skills and frameworks of Conscious Social Change, preparing new CSC Practitioners to integrate Global Grassroots' approaches into their own professional work and/or lead or provide technical support for Global Grassroots' core programs. The CSC Certification Program is a three-part training program delivered over 15 months:

Part 1: Personal Transformation for Change Agents: A series of five 3-month correspondence courses, conduced weekly by email plus one in-person 2-day retreat. The series focuses on the personal transformation process for each individual through the Five Principles of Conscious Social Change , and involves an exploration of consciousness as embodied in social change work. Course fee: $200 for each of the five courses. The 2-day retreat is priced separately depending upon its location.

Part 2: Academy for Conscious Change Curriculum Training: This 14-day intensive training provides all the tools, practical skills, methodology, philosophy and other resources needed to carry out a training program in mind-body trauma healing, conscious leadership practices and social entrepreneurship skills with a group within Global Grassroots' target population of women in post-conflict, post-disaster or developing countries. Course participation is determined by application. Course fee: $3000.

Part 3: Supervised Pilot Training: The final and third part of the certification program consists of a volunteer, supervised, trial training program with a preselected group, which may be a disadvantaged group in the US or internationally.

Certification: Certification requires completion of Parts 1-3 above and any individual requirements resulting from a final assessment of performance. A code of conduct and ethics agreement will be required as well as a certain level of continuing education to remain certified as new material is developed. Once certified, CSC Practitioners are eligible to serve as paid consultants working as representatives of Global Grassroots for a client organization under short-term engagements and may serve as volunteer case managers to assist our eAcademy users in the development of their social ventures.

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