"Individual freedom is the seed of collective liberation..."

— Claudia Horwitz

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For Change Agents

We at Global Grassroots define Conscious Social Change as a process led by responsible and ethical change agents, who engage in their own practice towards deeper self-knowledge and personal transformation, while striving to advance positive change for the common good. When an individual chooses to serve as a change agent, the experience of making a unique contribution to a greater whole can be deeply meaningful, even healing, and can also accelerate a person's self-actualization. In turn, when an individual interested in creating social change chooses to deepen their self-awareness, they have a greater likelihood of making mindful and wise decisions, undistorted by personal agenda or abuse of power. These two components of inner and outer transformation are integral and essential for advancing a whole, just and compassionate society.

Global Grassroots embraces commitment to social change which allows one to manifest their own gifts and passions in support of others. Following are a few tools as examples of what we offer in our Conscious Social Change curriculum that can assist individuals in advancing social justice consciously. Further are a set of ideas for activists eager to join us to support our work.

Tools for Conscious Change Agents:
Global Grassroots offers its change agents a set of tools that facilitate the creation of sustainable and impactful social change projects. Often these are the same skills employed by social entrepreneurs as they work to create systemic change at the root level of a social issue.

What is a social entrepreneur?
A social entrepreneur is an innovator and creative visionary dedicated to advancing systematic social or environmental change. Akin to business entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs create new organizations, products or services that have pattern-changing implications, utilizing business principles to maximize social value creation. With vision and discernment, social entrepreneurs identify gaps, develop theories about how change occurs and experiment with their ideas, often taking risks, but never compromising their integrity. They are extremely creative in the way they obtain the financial and human resources they need, and use strategic collaboration to maximize their impact. Finally, they demonstrate the most remarkable compassion and commitment to the people and causes they serve - they often won't stop until they know they have made a difference.

Educational Resources:

Make a commitment to daily personal practice to cultivate consciousness and compassion in your social justice work.

Activism Workshops

Following are two workshops that can engage your group in thinking like a social entrepreneur and conscious change agent:

>Leveraging Personal Gifts and Assets to Create Change (.pdf)

>Identifying and Engaging Stakeholders (.pdf)

Activism Resources

We invite activists to make a commitment not only to advancing social justice but also to their own personal transformation for balance, self-care and compassionate action. Host an awareness or fundraising event to benefit Global Grassroots by:

>Host a Screening and Discussion of The Devil Came on Horseback (.pdf)

>Host an African Dinner (.pdf)

>Host a Luna Fest Film Festival - short films by, about and for women

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