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Providing Clean Water Access and Income-Generating Skills to Women

We are working to address poverty resulting from water scarcity and traditional cultural beliefs that prevent women to attend or find income opportunities. Our venture has decided to solve that issue by addressing the main root causes such as unemployment due to a lack of skills and lack of water. Having a limited number of water points causes long delays for women who collect water. This results in their being late for other work obligations or having to give up their other activities. This lack of water taps is due to the lack of financial capacity of the people living in a village to build such infrastructure. There is another issue of having many children based on a cultural belief that says that children are wealth. This results in having many children and then being unable to provide for their needs sufficiently. As a result, children do not go to school, there is deep poverty, there are increasing numbers of street children and prostitution, and there are family conflicts. There are also more diseases born out of poor hygiene, and there is limited access to the basic needs for health.

Our mission is to reduce the complex set of problems that limit the well-being of the family due to poverty and a lack of time for woman to participate in other income opportunities because of the time required for water collection. We will achieve our mission by installing a sustainable water tap in our village, providing training on family planning and educating the women to use local resources and personal assets to generate income for their families.


  • We believe that a woman and child well equipped is the key to a bright future for a family.
  • If a woman has access to clean water, this will allow her to accomplish her domestic tasks and get more time to participate in other income opportunities to benefit her family.
  • Family planning sensitization will help family members go beyond the cultural mindsets and decide to limit children according to their financial capacity.

Our venture will supply clean water to 3563 people, or around 891 households from 3 villages. Each village hosts 220 households. We will provide family planning to 300 families twice per month in 6 installments over 4 months. We will conduct monthly workshops for 100 households, targeting women to use personal resources and assets to better change their lives. We will use weekly home visits to understand individual experiences of women. We are planning to organize this workshop on Umuganda Day (community volunteer day). After 5 months we will provide financial management skills. Once our venture implements all these activities, people will plan for their future accordingly, get their basic needs met on their own, and end dependency.


  • 50% of girls and women will be able to create and participate in community groups of saving and credit
  • 80% of women and girls will be able to create their own jobs of hand craft (small basket)
  • There will be an increase in women using family planning by 85% in our village
  • 98% of our community members will have access to clean water and understand water treatment
  • There will be a reduction of water borne diseases by 20%
  • There will be a reduction of street kids by 30%

Project Details


Venture Cost: $18,736
Location: Muko Cell, Jali Sector, Gasabo District
Team Members: 4
Beneficiaries: 3,563
Launched: May 2016

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