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Aketo Koma

Combating Physical and Emotional Gender-Based Violence

Issue: Physical and emotional violence against women is a matter of urgent concern. Misguided belief systems allow men to think it is acceptable to physically and verbally abuse their wives. The problem is compounded by lack of female leadership when women come forward to report these abuses. Gender-based violence can get so severe as to maim or kill the woman, whose children drop out of school and live on the street, stealing food to survive.

Mission: To reduce the high rate of violence against women at household levels

Solution:Working with local leadership, couples, and the community at large, the team performs dramas and dances about gender based violence and the dangers of abusing women's rights. We facilitate community dialogue to encourage men and women to work together for the betterment of their families. The team conducts homes visits and personalized training, turning families who show the most improvement into role models for the rest of the community. Local leaders are encouraged to become better advocates for women suffering from violence in their homes and to increase the number of women in leadership roles.

12-Month Goals:

  • To reach 231 people in 4 different villages: 31 local leaders, 100 men, 80 women, and 20 children who experience violence in their families. 50%of those who participate in trainings will understand and respect women's rights
  • Nearly 40% of the women trained will participate regularly in family decision making
  • 20% of women trained participate and speak out at local meetings
  • 10 new women will hold leadership positions in the community
  • 50% of men who were trained will have changed their abusive behavior
  • At least 20 children who did not attend school because of domestic violence will be re-enrolled and attending classes

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