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People of Love

Providing Accessible, Clean Water to Eliminate the Abuse of Women

Issue: A severe scarcity of water causes violence, domestic conflict, and other social challenges. The burden of fetching water, trekking hours down to the nearest source and slowly lugging jerry cans back up the mountainside, falls almost exclusively to women and girls. Therefore, Kamonyi women are brutally overworked and community members speak of miscarriages and injury. Domestic abuse is prevalent and the community identifies water scarcity as a major cause. Men arrive home to an exhausted wife, a meager or uncooked meal, and unwashed dishes, clothes, and rooms, and feel that a beating is in order. Women are discouraged from using their time to participate in local government or attend community meetings. People cannot irrigate their lands in order to raise foods that need a lot of water; this causes malnutrition, particularly among children. Children who must fetch water in the mornings do not make it to school on time and others are sent home because their unwashed clothes do not pass the regular cleanliness checks. The local primary school requires students to bring water to school for cleaning day, often on Fridays, and children are sent home if they show up empty handed.

Mission: To reduce domestic violence and malnutrition related to water scarcity

Solution: We will reduce problems related to lack of water by installing a clean water point in Kamonyi. Team members will visit couples in their homes and educate those who come to use the water point about domestic violence laws, and consequences, gender equality, and the use of kitchen gardens to fight malnutrition. We will provide men with training about women's rights and the importance of sharing domestic responsibilities.

12-Month Goals:

  • Within 1 year, 1600 people will have access to clean water
  • In 1 year, there will be a 75% reduction in children who are late to or miss school due to water collection
  • In 1 year, there will be a 50% increase in women who know their rights

Impact: One team member, Nyirandegeya Christine, a 34 year old mother of three, is now seen as a trusted community leader who is able to make things happen. Respect for her knowledge has led to more gender equity in the community. Inspired by her self-empowerment, the community has learned that it is better for women to stay home.

Project Details

People of Love

Location: Kamonyi Sector, Kigali City
Team Members: 35
Beneficiaries: 1600

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