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Women are Pillars of Homes

Mon Aye Gang

Raising Literacy Rates Among Women and Addressing Family Planning, Domestic Violence and Alcoholism

Issue: High rates of illiteracy among women. Illiteracy is often a result of several interwoven factors including poverty, alcoholism, unwanted pregnancies, early marriage, domestic violence, and cultural beliefs that prevent women from having access to education.

Mission:To empower women and men to read and write

Solution: At the heart of our solution is the creation of an adult literacy program for both men and women. In addition to literacy, students will also be taught about birth control methods as well as preventing domestic violence. We will also provide training to couples on the topics of family planning, preventing domestic violence, and discouraging early marriage, which often prevents girls from completing their education and burdens them with many children. At the community level, we will organize public dialogues the social dangers of alcoholism and valuing girls' education.

12-Month Goals:

  • Increase literacy rates in the community from 20% to 50%
  • Increase the number of women in leadership positions as a result of being literate from 30% to 50%
  • Raise the amount of households giving boys and girls equal access to education from 40% to 70%
  • Decrease rates of alcohol consumption from 60% to 30%

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