"If women have access to clean water...violence will be reduced."

— Jackie Nkwikoreze

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Let Us Build Ourselves: Kanombe

Installing a Water Access Point and Offering Trainings to Men and Women About Women's Rights

Issue: In the Kanombe community, violence is triggered by a lack of knowledge about the importance of clean water. Women are getting sick and cannot take care of their family. Poor hygiene and women's incapacity due to illness leads men to cheat on their wives. Women living in mountainous areas where there is limited water access have to travel long distances to collect water. Not only do they experience the risk of violence at these remote water collection points (such as valley streams), but when women are late returning home from collecting water and cannot prepare meals on time, domestic violence often occurs. Additionally, children who are tasked with collecting water are often unable to attend school. Where we are there are many temporary or migrant residents who are unwilling to invest in local development and so this community has continued to suffer from a lack of water access.

Mission: To teach our community the importance of clean water, proper hygiene, and respecting women's rights.

Solution: We will install a central public water access point and, when people come to collect water, offer trainings on the importance of clean water and how to end violence against women. The training course will teach how women are important to the community and family development, will highlight how women in high positions have made valuable contributions to society, and will share ways that men and women can respect one another.

12-Month Goals:

  • People will have access to clean water and physically disabled women will have access to free water
  • People will have knowledge about the importance of clean water, and learn the effects of using dirty water; personal hygiene will increase
  • Water related illness will be reduced
  • Men and women will understand how water can be a trigger for domestic violence
  • Men will respect women's rights and domestic violence will decrease
  • Children will be on time for school

Impact: To date, 150 households, representing approximately 1,200 people, are obtaining clean water through the Let Us Build Ourselves: Kanombe. Proceeds from those who can afford to pay have allowed this project to provide free water and delivery to 13 households where the women are physically handicapped. The team has also been able to buy health insurance for 46 people in 19 households, as well as provide soap and other hygienic materials to 24 households. Forty-five families have been educated about women's rights and 100 women have given testimonials that because of the trainings, they now understand the importance of using clean water.

Project Details

Let Us Build Ourselves: Kanombe

Location: Kanombe Sector, Kigali City
Team Members: 25
Beneficiaries: 1200
Launched: 2010

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